Tandem Sales & Marketing was founded in early 2002 by MI and Pro Audio industry veteran, Jim Giordano with years of musical instrument, professional audio and senior corporate management experience.

Jim began his early career working for a busy full line music store in Southern California and within a few months, was promoted to general manager. Under his management, the business realized significant growth and double-digit year-to-year sales increases. So much so, that the property next door was acquired, doubling the existing square footage to 10,000 square feet. Prior to leaving to pursue a new opportunity, the business had grown into a very successful multi-million dollar operation.

Shortly after Jim left retail, he started GSM an independent sales agency, representing IMC (International Music Corporation) for such lines as AKAI Pro, Studiomaster, Tokai Guitars, Hondo Guitars, Ross Systems, Fane Speakers and others for the states of California, Nevada and Arizona. A few years later, in a move to establish their own distribution in the U.S. market, Studiomaster U.K. retained Jim as Vice President of Sales where he played a significant role in Studiomasters' successful U.S. operation start-up and subsequent incorporation. Jim was eventually promoted to President - CEO of the U.S. corporation and held that position until he left the company in late 2001. During his tenure with Studiomaster, Jim directly managed 16 + independent rep firms and personally directed all of the sales, PR, advertising and marketing activities for the company.

With real world 'hands on' experience and a well rounded business acumen, Tandem Sales & Marketing strives to afford dealers, clients and vendors alike, a 'win-win' solutions based approach with uncompromising ethics and integrity.

Tandem Sales & Marketing takes a great deal of pride in the product lines that we represent. We choose to represent only those product brands that we personally believe, are 'cutting edge' technologically and afford the very best value, quality, performance and reliability in the marketplace.
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